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St. John's Lake View



St. John's Leadership

Our Parish

St. John's is an active growing congregation of approximately 85 families from a wide geographical two-state area. St. John's is a total ministry parish served by clergy and parishioners who donate their time to the worship and other work of the church.

St. John's Clergy and Vestry

The Rev. Elizabeth Tattersall -
The Rev. Rodney Petzak
The Rev. Dn. Sharyn Petzak -
The Rev. Dn. Betty Ihfe -


Summer Warden Ted Pitcher -
Treasurer Bill Laughlin -
Clerk/Secretary - Jean McFarland

Vestry Members

 Michael Adamson -

Pamela Adamson -

Gary Annoni 
Bob Goad
Carolyn Goodenough -
Bill McFarland -
Bill Schroeder -
Teresa Schroeder -
Ginny Tobin -
Ann Whitney -

St. John's Representative to the Galilee Board
Ben Turner -

Delegates to Convention
Colin Dawson -
Jean McFarland
Ginny Tobin -

Alternate Delegates to Convention
Damian Adamowicz -
Dennis Cocking
Bill McFarland
Ben Turner


Pat Talamantes
Shirley Newton