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St. John's Lake View

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Welcome to St. John's
Whether you are visiting or exploring what it means to have faith in God, you are welcome here. No matter what your cultural or ethnic tradition, your lifestyle, your situation or need, you are welcome here. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome at St. John's.


Sunday School every Sunday at 10.00 AM
Holy Weekday Services at 7.00 PM

General Convention News

As you've probably noticed 2003 Episcopal Church General Convention brought much attention from media all over USA. To be up to date with the current developments please use following links updated daily from Minneapolis:

Special greetings for our reperesentatives at the Convention!

News and Announcements

Sunday School is held every Sunday at 10:00 in Hunting Lodge.
If you know of anyone who is need of special prayers or assistance, please contact the Clergy or Home Ministry Coordinator Carolyn Goodenough at 530/541-1722.
Ever thought you would like to read the Lessons during the worship service? Just contact Coordinator Debbie Snyder who will assist you
in getting started. Perhaps you would like to assist in setting the Lordís Table? You will be welcomed and trained by Coordinator Ann Whitney. Just let either of them or the Clergy know of your interest.

Blessings and appreciation to our current Altar Guild Ė Lee Buchholz, Carolyn Goodenough, Maggie Gordon, Bonnie Johnston, Margaret Mottashed, Mark Mottashed, Ginny Tobin, Mary Turner, Ben Turner and Ann Whitney.
The Diocesan office is accepting nominations for Standing Committee, Diocesan Council and Youth Diocesan Council. For more information, contact the Vestry Wardens or the Clergy.

You are welcome to attend the next Vestry meeting on August 10.

The next Mission District meeting will be at Coventry Cross in Minden on Saturday, August 16. The needs of the parishes, staffing of the Diocesan office and the Diocesan budget will be discussed.

In the late afternoon on Sunday, September 14, 2003, our candidate for the Diaconate, Betty Ihfe, will be ordained at St. Johnís, so please put it on your calendar and share in this very special ceremony.

Weather Information
Planning to visit us - here are the current weather conditions:

Last update: 07/19/2003
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