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St. John's Lake View

Hunger in numbers
number of people who go to bed hungry: more than 800 million
number of people who die every day from hunger and related causes: 24,000
number of people who ate WFP food in 2003: 104 million
percentage of those people who were women and children: 78 percent




Episcopal World Hunger Sunday

Today is Episcopal World Hunger Sunday. With your help, we're setting our sights on the important new goal for 2004 and beyond! In support of the United Nation's global Millenium Development Goals, our vision is to cut in half by 2015 the number of children who suffer from hunger in the U.S. and worldwide.

Food for children in Africa

Please help with a prayer, donation or just by increasing awarness about world hunger problems.

Food distribution

For more information about Word Hunger please visit the websites below:
Episcopal Relief and Development  -
United Nations World Food Programme  -
United Nations Development Programme  -

Disclaimer: Photos and "Hunger in numbers" section used above provided by of World Food Programme. St. John's Episcopal Church doesn't claim any copywright rights to that material. Used under gerneral authorization of UNWFP.


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