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Total Ministry
(Reprinted, with updates, from The Window, April 1999)
Some of our visitors and newer parishioners may not be aware that our
St. John's clergy has completed over six years in service to the Lord and to the members of St. John's under the umbrella of the Total Ministry concept. Today,
the congregation acknowledges and celebrates their service.

It was on March 15th, 1997, when three members of the congregation, The Reverend Elizabeth Tattersall and The Reverend Rodney Petzak were ordained to the Order of Priests and The Reverend Sharyn Appolloni Petzak was ordained to the Order of Deacons. God and our St. John's family had called each in November of 1993.

In the ensuing four years, they attended numerous required classes offered by the Diocese, participated in monthly gatherings of Preachers in Training, Deacons in Practice or the Practice of the Presbyterate. They took exams, both oral and written and appeared before Diocesan-wide committees for examination and approval. Four years later they were recommended to Bishop Stewart Zabriskie for ordination.

The concept of Total Ministry has been a response to the truth that every congregation is a "ministering community" and can become sufficient in ministry from within its own membership. A variety of models serving different needs have replaced the old model of relying on seminary-trained clergy to "run" a church. One of the tenants of Total Ministry is that the clergy volunteers its time and talents and serves without remuneration.

Total Ministry means that the congregation desiring its own local Clergy, prays and studies, participates in a Gifts Discovery Workshop and then identifies from among its members someone(s) to become priest or deacon to serve that parish. This is not an election or a popularity contest. It is God's call as expressed through the prayerful action of the congregation as they submit names in writing to the Bishop. The Bishop, after prayer and reflection, asks the identified person(s) if s/he has heard God's call to serve in this way. The answer may be affirmative or not, according to what is possible for the identified person at that point in life.

All baptized and confirmed persons have accepted a ministry to serve the Lord upon whatever the path the Lord has guided them. Every person has a talent or gift to share with his/her fellow human beings. Some share their gifts by becoming ministers through ordination as have Elizabeth, Rod and Sharyn; however, we are all ministers of God. On this day of celebration in service to the Lord, it seems appropriate for each of us to ask ourselves, "How can I, how do I minister to other people?"

Since 1948, dedicated clergy has blessed St. John's. That blessing continues with the devotion and dedication of Sharyn, Rod and Elizabeth to St. John's.


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